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About This Product

This kit contains almost everything you'll need to make a beautiful paludarium with waterfall for 2-3 water-loving frogs! The Josh's Frogs 12x12x24\ Waterfall Paludarium Kit is perfect for reed frogs, smaller Theloderma, and smaller leaf frogs that can live above water.

It includes:

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12X12X24)

The 12x12x24 Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is perfect for smaller species of tree frogs that can live above water, such as bird poop frogs, lemur tree frogs, reed frogs, and any of the smaller Theloderma species. It has front opening doors and a screen top, making set up and maintainence a breeze. We recommend washing the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium thoroughly with warm water before setting it up for your pet.

5.0 UCB Full Spectrum Terrarium Lamp (26 Watt)

This UVB bulb provides much needed UVB radiation for your animal, as well as light. Replace bulb every 6 months, and use for 12 hours every day.

Exo Terra Mini Compact Top (11.8” x 3.5” x 5.9”)

Exo Terra Compact Tops are designed to set directly on top of an Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. We recommend you use them in conjunction with a timer, in order to provide a proper 12 hour on/12 hour off photoperiod for your animal. The 26w Exo Terra 2.0 UVB bulb provided in this kit fits well in the Exo Terra Compact top.

Complete Waterfall Kit

Custom make your own waterfall using Josh's Frogs Waterfall kit. This includes a water pump, tubing, adhesive, peat moss, and decorative rocks. We also included a few net cups to be foamed into the background.

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

A Thermometer and Hygrometer will allow you to stay on top of the temperature and humidity level in your enclosure. Place the probe inside the tank, about halfway up, in a place where it will not be misted directly.

Cork Piece

This cork piece is the perfect hiding place for your reed frogs. They'll hang out on this floating piece of decor, and it'll provide a life raft for uneaten feeder crickets.

Josh's Frogs Declorinator (4 oz)

Josh's Frogs Declorinator makes tap water safe for your frogs. Add 2 drops of this miracle product to one gallon of tap water, then let it sit until it's room temperature. After that, it's safe to use!

Josh's Frogs Paludarium Sand

This substrate is great for paludaria. It will be enough for a light covering of the entire bottom. Every 1-2 weeks, lightly siphon any detritus off of it during a water change.

Indian Almond Leaves

Place one of these in the water - feel free to tear it up first. As it breaks down, the indian almond leaf will release tannins that will help condition the water. It'll also provide a snack for any tadpoles your frogs deposit down below!

 Please note that this kit does not include live plants, but your animals will love them. Options such as pothos, peace lily, philodendron, and these aquatic plants are great choices.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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