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Josh's Frogs Hermit Crab Filtered Pool Kit (Large)


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About This Product

Struggling to keep the humidity up in your hermit crab tank? If you already have a glass lid, then it's time for bigger pools and a bubbler system! Aerating the water not only increases humidity, but also keeps the water fresher longer. Stragnant dishes need to be changed every 1-3 days, but pools with filters can easily go 2 weeks+! This size of pools is recommended for 75 gallon tanks or greater.


  • Plug the air pump into the wall and place on an even surface. Placing higher than the pool will eliminate the risk of water flowing backwards during a power outage. If placed below the pool, please consider using a check valve.
  • Cut enough air line to run from the pump to your tank.
  • Connect this line to the control valve.
  • Cut two more sections of air line to run from the control valve to your pools.
  • Connect the sponge filters and fill up your pools.
  • Adjust the output on the valve accordingly to make sure air runs to both air stones.

This kit includes:

Aqueon Rimless Aquarium (2.5 Gallon)

Water dishes made for hermit crabs are rarely deep enough for adult crabs. These 2.5 gallons tanks hold enough water for even the largest crabs to completely submerge. These large pools will also help maintain humidity. Two are recommended: one for a fresh water pool and another for the salt water pool. However, an entry and exit ramp will be needed. We also recommend some gravel in the bottom for traction.

9.5"L x 5.75"W x 7.75"H

Marina 50 Air Pump

The Marina 50 air pump combines high performance output with quiet operation. A reliable source of air for increasing water movement and turbulence for proper oxygenation, and can also be used to operate items such as air stones, air curtains and air-actuated ornaments.

Marina Soft Airline Tubing (10 ft)

Marina airline tubing is safe and dependable for use with air stones, air-actuated ornaments and air-driven filters. Designed to fit all standard outlets, the tubing will remain supple and retain its shape. Size: 3 m (10 ft). Color: blue.

Marina Ultra 2-way Control Valve

The Marina Ultra 2-way air control valve allows you to run up to 2 air-driven devices at once. Each valve has a flow adjuster which enables you to regulate air output to each device. The valve is leak-proof and suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Elite BioFoam Single Sponge Filter

The Elite Single BioFoam Sponge Filter is an air-driven filter that efficiently oxygenates and filters aquarium water. The foam filter performs biological and mechanical filtration by trapping floating debris and providing ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow. To maintain effective biological filtration always rinse the foam filter in water taken from the aquarium. Oxygenation of aquarium water is best achieved by positioning the vertically adjustable outlet at the water surface. This compact internal filter system can conveniently be installed in a variety of locations inside the aquarium and is completely safe for even the smallest baby fish (fry).

Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner (16 oz)

If you have tap water at home, a dechlorinator is necessary! Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner has an easy dispensing cap that is ideal for treating small amounts of water at a time.



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