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All the supplies necessary to create an optimal environment to house one betta fish for life. This setup is sleek and can conveniently fit on any desk or countertop.
Kit includes:

1. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit (5 gal.)

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is the baseline for housing your new betta. It has gentle, built in filtration which is ideal for bettas.The lighting is strong enough to accommodate low-tech plants and the lid deters jumping. This aquarium features black accents.

2. Small Aquarium Heater

This mini aquarium heater is compact and can easily fit in the back compartment of the filter, so it can be tucked out of sight. It is preset and should maintain your aquarium between 78-80 degrees fahrenheit.

3. Aquarium Thermometer

Monitoring your temperature in a heated aquarium is vital to making sure everything is functioning properly. This thermometer is easy to read and accurate.

4. Aquarium Substrate (5 lbs)

A dark substrate is ideal for soft-water fish such as bettas. It has the added bonus of being supportive of live plants, should you choose to add any. The contrast will help the colors of your fish pop. It should be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to settle for a couple days prior to adding your betta.

5. Aquarium Decor

Artificial plants and a bit of hardscape goes a long ways towards making your fish feel at home, and an attractive part of your home.

7. Small Nylon Net

This Nylon Fish Net is a soft, small net which will come in handy should you need to move your fish for any reason (this is especially useful when transferring your new fish into the aquarium initially).

8. Betta Pellets Fish Food

Pellets will be the best staple food for your betta. These aqueon pellets are color enhancing to boot, which will be helpful in keeping your betta looking vibrant. Feed 3-5 pellets a day.

9. Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner (4 oz)

This dechlorinator will make tap water safe for your fish. It'll bind and remove dangerous chlorine and chloramines that can harm your fish. Follow the directions on the label to achieve the correct dosage.


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