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Are you looking to bring a colorful aquatic oasis to your desk top or small space? The Aqueon Ascent 6 Gallon Tropical Planted Tank BUNDLE is a stylish way to house your tropical beauties, and the pros at Josh's Frogs have paired it with all the other supplies you'll need to keep a wide variety of livebearing freshwater fish. Depending on species, up to 8 small fish can be housed in this setup, including guppies, platties, and swordtails

1. Aqueon Ascent 6 Gallon Frameless Tank (Black)

This tank has it all - form and function! Rimless design, built in filtration, and LED lighting provides a very modern look, and the quality glass tank provides plenty of room for your small group of fish to swim and grow!

2. Aquarium Heater and Thermometer

This flat heater should be set for 78F. It can be put in the back filter compartment to keep it out of site. Use the plastic thermometer to check temperatures daily. If the water temperature ever falls below 76F or above 80F, adjust the heater.

3. Aquarium Gravel

Keep it simple with this formal, traditional white gravel. Your livebearers (and their babies) will pop against this simple background.

4. Manzanita Branch

Manzanita is one of the best woods for the aquarium. It's dense and will not break down, and it will sink quickly. This piece of wood will initially float, so just weigh it down underwater or give it several days to sink. It will release some tannins into the water, which will make it take on a brown color. This will go away with water changes and does not harm anything.

5. Artificial Aquarium Plants

Fake plants don't have to look fake - these certainly don't! Penn-Plex plants provide a wide variety of colorful, impossible to kill leaves and blooms that will catch the eye without stretching the budget. Best of all, they're maintenance free!

6. Tropical Community Fish Food

Keep your fish well fed with these great foods from Josh's Frogs. The bugBites Granules are a complete diet for many species of livebearing fish.

7. Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner (4 oz)

Use this dechlorinator to make tap water safe for your fish. It'll bind and remove dangerous chlorine and chloramines that can harm your fish's gills. Follow the directions on the label.


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