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About This Product

This kit contains everything you need for the care of 1-3 Anole species in the small/medium size range, such as the commonly kept Green Anole.

It includes:

1. Josh's Frogs Coco Select Substrate

Josh's Frogs Coco Select substrate is made from quality, fine ground coconut fiber and other materials. Coconut fiber is excellent for holding humdity and is very easily cleaned.

2. Josh's Frogs Coco Flexi-Vine (2.1 m, ~6.9 ft)

This flexible vine is covered in natural coco fiber, and can be bent to shape so you have the freedom to make your terrarium as unique as your animals!

3. Water Dish

This Water Dish is actually ideal to provide your anole with a clean drinking source! Made from durable epoxy, this dish is easy to clean.

4. Artificial Plant

Plastic Plants serve multiple functions in your pet Anole's enclosure. Not only do they provide hiding and climbing spaces, but plastic plants also collect water droplets and give your anole a place to drink, as well as just look good!

5. Temperature and Humidity Gauges

Being dependent on their environment for their temperature needs, it is important to keep your anole at it's proper temperature. Ideally, the air temperature on the warm end should be between 80-85, with a basking area between 85-90F. At night, the temperature can easily drop to 65F, as long as the anole has the ability to raise it's body temperature the next day.

Humidity can be a little trickier with anoles. Too low of a humidity, and the lizard can have trouble shedding – the shed will come off in patches, or become stuck to the animal, instead of coming off in one clean piece with proper humidity. Too high humidity, and the lizard can develop respiratory problems. Generally, an ambient humidity of 60% is fine with anoles, as long as a clean bowl of water is present at all times. The enclosure can be misted with dechlorinated, distilled, or reverse osmosis water to increase ambient humidity.

6. Josh's Frogs Spray Bottle (16 oz)

In their natural habitat, anoles get moisture from their diet, as well as from morning dew. To replicate this dew, lightly spray the enclosure every night. Make sure to use dechlorinated, reverse osmosis, or distilled water.

7. Josh’s Frogs Dechlorinator (4 oz)

Use with water to pull out harmful chlorine. This will help provide the best water for your pet.

8. 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb (13 watt(

This bulb provides much-needed UVB radiation to your pet anole, which allows it to utilize dietary calcium necessary for normal growth and functioning. This bulb replicates the light end of natural sunlight - you'll still need a heat bulb.

9. 25 watt Heat Bulb

This basking bulb will provide your anole with a hot spot of approximately 85F. This will allow your pet lizard to bask and properly digest food, as well as raise the ambient temperature of the enclosure.

10. 20”x10” Screen Top

A screen top provides adequate ventilation for the animal while ensuring that it does not escape, or other pets/children do not easily get into the habitat.

11. 18" Exo Terra Compact Top

The Exo Terra Compact Top will house the required UVB and heat bulbs that will keep your pet anole healthy.

For complete care of your anole buy the Anole Feeder Bundle and the Anole Supplement Bundle


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