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Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier


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About This Product

Increase your tank’s humidity with Zoo Med’s new Repti Fogger™, a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable fog output control. This unit comes ready to operate! It includes a one-liter bottle, an adjustable hose that extends up to 3 feet, and all the necessary fittings. The Repti Fogger™ also features a “no-spill” valve making it easy to remove and refill the water bottle.

Use the Repti Fogger™ in conjunction with Zoo Med’s HygroTherm™ Humidity and Temperature Controller for precise humidity and temperature control.

For more information, download the Repti Fogger Instruction Manual.

Click here to see Zoo Med's Repti Fogger™ Instructional Video!

Zoo Med’s Repti Fogger™ is a great way to increase the humidity in your pet’s habitat. Watch our step-by-step video on how to properly set up a Repti Fogger™.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My Fogger won’t turn on and the blue light is not on.
A: There is a small white float in the center of the reservoir that is attached to a safety shut off that does not allow the Fogger to come on if there is not enough water in the reservoir. If your blue light will not come on, be sure that there is water in the Fogger. You can squeeze the bottle gently to release water into the reservoir and allow the float to float. If that does not work, take the top off the reservoir and tap the float with your finger to be sure that it isn’t stuck.

Q: My Fogger is making fog but it won’t go through the tube.
A: There are two working parts in the Repti Fogger™. The transducer creates fog and there is a small fan which pushes the fog through the tube. If the fan is malfunctioning, the Fogger will still produce fog in the reservoir, but will not be able to push it through the tube. To order a replacement fan, review our Repti Fogger™ Replacement Parts Section. You can also contact our Customer Service for more details.

Q: The Repti Fogger™ won’t come on at all. Why isn’t it working?
A: With this unit, it is important to know that there is a float in the center of the reservoir which controls a safety shut off feature. If the reservoir is not full (because water has not been added or the no-spill valve on the water bottle is stuck) or if the float is stuck to the bottom of the reservoir, the Fogger will not come on at all. Make sure there is water in the reservoir and that the round, white float in the center is not stuck to the bottom.

Q: The blue light is flashing and the Fogger keeps turning on and off. What should I do?
A: If the blue light is flashing and the Fogger is turning on and off, the water level is probably right on the verge of being too low. Users should check to be sure that there is water in the bottle and that the valve isn’t stuck. Usually, a gentle squeeze on the bottle will take care of this problem.


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Worked awesome for my crested gecko

Keeps my humidity where it’s supposed to be great product I highly recommend


Overall a great product!

Despite it looking slightly unappealing, this thing really packs a punch. I have this plugged into to a humidity monitor (Inkbird) and the monitor will turn this humidifier on and off to maintain my desired humidity levels. It does a really great job with it, and the fog looks amazing when it comes out! The only thing you need to do is refill the bottle when it is empty, so it's really easy to maintain. Overall I'm satisfied with this product.

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