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Zilla TROPICAL Mini Fluorescent Bulb (6 Watt)

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About This Product

Tropical Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb

  • Slim low-profile design
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides essential UVB/UVA light for a healthy tropical reptile
  • Emits 5-10 microwatts of UVB at 12"

Recreate the healthy light of the tropical rainforest

Standard terrarium bulbs can’t deliver the heightened levels of UVB radiation native to a tropical habitat, leaving rainforest reptiles deficient in a vital component of healthy bone development. Tropical Bulbs correct this deficiency with a dose of UVB along with essential UVA light. As a bonus, the full-spectrum visible light output helps bring out subtle colors in a reptile’s skin that makes everyday viewing more dramatic. To maintain UVB effectiveness, replace bulb every 3500 hours or 12 months.

Recommended for use with Zilla G9-socket fixtures.


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