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Porcellio laevis 'Laevis Orange' Isopods (10 Count)


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About This Product

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED if your temps fall within our LAG (read here). Please check your temps before ordering!

We cannot ship this species to Louisiana, and Oregon! 


  • This is a hardy species of isopod that produces quickly once established.
  • Orange Laevis Isopods are a large, active species. Many keepers say laevis are a joy to watch!
  • This species is one of the longer living isopods in the hobby.

Name: Porcellio laevis 'Orange'

Recommended Enclosure Size: 6 qt. Sterilite container or similar for starter culture, 37 qt Sterilite gasket box or similar for large culture  

Temperature: 50-85 degrees F

Humidity: 55-80% - this can be accomplished by periodic misting of the culture when it starts to appear dry

Size: These isopods will be at least 1/4" at time of sale and can easily double that.

 Age: This isopod species lives for 2-3 years in captivity.

 Feeding: A proportionate-to-culture size helping of Repashy Bug Burger, Repashy Morning Wood and a calcium supplement two times per week.

Sexing: Males have a penile papillae on the underside of the tail, their pleopod segments (underside of the tail) are more angular while females are more square. Due to their age, isopods sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed animals.

Color/Pattern: These isopods are quite large, similar to other Laevis variants and a fairly uniform orange.

Breeding: These isopods will breed quite readily on their own in well-kept colonies. 

 Natural Range: Native or introduced to most of the world

Still not sure if Porcellio Laevis ‘Orange’  from Josh's Frogs is the right pet for you? Read the reviews below and see what other customers are saying!

In rare cases, starving isopods may attempt to consume the carapace of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We strongly recommend providing supplemental food to your clean up crew in the enclosure, such as Josh's Frogs CUC Cuisine. When in doubt, using dwarf species of isopods, such as Dwarf Tropical Whites, may be a safer option.

Please read the following article on keeping and culturing isopods: HOW TO KEEP AND CULTURE ISOPODS


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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