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Josh's Frogs Virgin Cork Planter (6 inch tall)


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About This Product

This Cork Flower Pot is made from the first harvest of the cork tree, giving it its natural, textured appearance. As well, cork is anti-microbial and moisture resistant so it ages well without deteriorating. This pot has been carefully sterilized due to its natural origins so that no hitchhikers are brought into your house, but this was done without the use of synthetic materials so it is 100% safe for you and your plants! Using cork as a planter has many benefits over other, more commonly used pots:

  • Breathable; allowing airflow to the roots
  • Unshatterable due to cork’s elasticity and compressive strength
  • Light, unlike heavy ceramic pots, so it easily sits on wall hanging shelves
  • Eco-friendly; no trees were harmed in making this product and it is renewable and sustainable

Since these pots are made from a natural resource, size (LxWxH) and shape will vary. Splits and cracks will inevitably be present, but those quirks add to the character of these planters!

We recommend using these planters in conjunction with a drip tray, liner, or keeping them outside due to gaps in the bottom. You can even patch them with our Vivarium Safe Silicone!


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