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Josh's Frogs Black Agglo Cork Sheet (~39.5x20x0.5")


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About This Product

These Black Cork Sheets are made from agglomerated cork, which are the leftovers of the cork-making process pressed together, and natural, vegetal coloring. This results in a more uniform look and texture unlike cork bark. As well, the cork sheets have more elasticity and tensile strength. Cork is perfect for vivarium use since it is anti-microbial and moisture resistant, allowing it to hold up well in humid environments. The cork sheets are great for use as a background because they can be cut, are lightweight, and other decorations can easily be mounted on them.

Before coming to your home, the cork particles have undergone a sterilization process before binding so that they do not bring unwanted hitchhikers with them. No synthetic materials are used in this process and the treated products are 100% safe and clean for your pets!


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