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Galapagos Decorative Mossy Sticks (24 inch)

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Galapagos Mossy Sticks are made with real preserved moss and a solid wood core. They are bendable to accommodate various terrarium sizes yet firm enough to support Chameleons, Geckos, Tree Frogs, and Climbing Reptiles. They are perfect for hanging out! Use them in bird cages as perches for all birds. Each package comes with 6 stakes, so have fun and be creative!


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Overall very fun to work with!

These are really fun to wrap around other structures to add more leverage and overall build stability! It added much more variety to my climbing system and made my overall build more sturdy and less likely to fall apart! They help keep my vines and rope ladder all tucked together for lots of various ways to explore! The only feedback I'd have though is the moss can rip and tear off, exposing the metal rods underneath the moss. This happened to the ends a lot for me, so I had to spend a lot of time fiddling around getting the moss sleeve to slide back up. When it rips though, there's not really any way to get it back on.


Multi Purpose

Great for securing things and structures. My only concern is how they will last in high humidity.

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