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Fluker's Natural Dune Sand Bedding (10 lb.)

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About This Product

Natural Sand Dune Bedding stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior and is an excellent heat conductor. Creates naturalistic and attractive environment for desert reptile species. This bedding is ideal for bearded dragons; leopard geckos; sand boas; desert iguanas; desert and semi-terrestrial skinks; uromastyx, collard, plated, leopard or armadillo-type lizards; soft shell turtles; tarantulas; scorpions and burrowing frogs.

  • natural sand
  • no added dyes or chemicals
  • stimulates digging and burrowing behavior
  • excellent heat conductor
  • natural environment
  • suitable as egg-laying substrate

DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of bag into bottom of terrarium. Sand should be at least 1.5-2 inches deep. Add more sand for burrowing species.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Inspect your pet's enclosure daily and remove any fecal matter or leftover food. Spot clean when necessary using a mesh scoop, which will help extend the life of the substrate. Replace sand if a foul smell persists and at least every 6 months depending on your species.

HELPFUL HINTS: If using a heat mat with Natural Dune Sand Bedding, it is recommended to place the heat mat on the side of your enclosure, above the substrate line. Although it is a good heat conductor in depth of less than 2 inches, heat does not transfer efficiently enough through the sand to increase the ambient temperature of your enclosure. Also, this can cause heat build-up under the substrate, which can cause damage to your enclosure and your heat mat. In some cases, this heat build-up from your heat mat can also become a potential risk for fire.

Some reptiles may ingest substrates. In small amounts, this can be harmless, but in larger amounts, can possibly cause impaction. Try the following tips:

  • monitor your pet reptile during feeding times.
  • place food offerings in a feeding dish or use feeding tongs instead of placing food directly onto the habitat substrate.
  • during mealtimes, place your reptile in a separate feeding environment
  • use a calcium dust on your reptile's food before eating
  • remove any uneaten food from your reptile's environment


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