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Bromeliad - Neoregelia (Grower's Choice)

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This listing is for ONE (1) Neoregelia Bromeliad

Neoregelia Bromeliads are an epiphyte in nature and can grow in bromeliad soil as an interesting houseplant or attached to the background or hardscape in a naturalistic vivarium. They can also be planted in well drained substrate such as Josh's Frogs Bromeliad Soil. Neoregelia Bromeliads are suitable for small to medium vivaria, and will form a rosette from a few inches to 8" across. They hold a decent amount of water, making it ideal for tadpole rearing. They have moderate watering needs and moderate to high light needs - under more intense light, they will display brighter colors. Once they flower, they will form clumps consisting of the mother plant surrounded by pups (younger plants that grow off of the mother plant). Neoregelia Bromeliads appreciate air circulation, but it is not necessary if the plant is allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. In a vivarium, they make a great place for poison dart frogs to lay eggs on and deposit tadpoles in. Learn how to plant bromeliads in a vivarium with this article.

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Note: Bromeliad coloration may vary from the picture. Color will fluctuate in an individual plant based on light and temperature.

*Bromeliads at Josh's Frogs are sold as pups/offsets from the mother plant.

*Shipped Broms can range anywhere from 1-4" in width and will continue to grow bigger over time with proper care. 



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beautiful, healthy, and sturdy

I have gotten two large shipments of plants, large like 10 plant each. Both were during a cold winter, both were packaged to perfection and beautiful upon arrival. Very impressed with Josh's Frogs Plants. Thank you.



When they mean choice they don’t just mean they choose for you, they mean choice high quality bromeliad! I received a huge chunky guy that I am so thrilled with. Installed it in my background and can’t wait to see how it grows.


grower's choice was really nice

The one I received was quite a bit bigger than I expected it to be! It was nice and healthy looking. The leaves have an interesting striped pattern on them I can't wait to install it on the background of my frog tank. I just wish plants came with individual care sheets like the live animals lol


Beautiful little plants

I ordered a few of these assorted bromeliads to mount on my wall on some cork bark. They seem to be thriving and growing, and all they ask is regular watering to keep the central cups full. I'm in Boston, and while my light is not great, they seem to be taking it in stride, fading to a deeper purplish green color that goes nicely with the room. Josh's Frogs customer service has been great, and quickly replaced the one iffy bromeliad they sent in my shipment (it had a wiggly stolon as if it had been damaged when being picked). All I had to do was document the problem and they shipped the new one free. Definitely earned the repeat business!



Just received the plant and it looks great! Very excited to see how it looks when it gets put in the enclosure!

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