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Brazilian Dwarf Pink Leg Tarantula - Kochiana brunnipes (Captive Bred)

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  • A fun little dwarf species from Brazil, this spider’s colorful legs make it really popular amongst dwarf tarantula enthusiasts
  • An obligate burrower, this tarantula’s little pink legs can most often be spotted at the entrance to its burrow, waiting for prey.
  • Usually very docile in nature, they’re not really known to kick hairs or threat posture readily.

Kochiana brunnipes or “Dwarf Pink Leg Tarantula” is a cute little dwarf, Kochiana probably refers to the fact that it was first described by C. L. Koch in 1841, brunnipes has latin roots loosely translating to “brown.”

Enclosure size: 

They remain obligate burrowers throughout much of their lives, as babies a dram vial or pill bottle large enough to give them 2”-3” of substrate to burrow in is appropriate for quite some time. As the little ones grow into adults they will need closer to 5” of substrate. For floor space 3-4x the spider’s diagonal leg span for both length and with is appropriate, just make sure that the space above the substrate does not exceed 2x the spider’s diagonal leg span to prevent injury from a fall.


A comfortable range for them is between 74°-80°, temperatures consistently 5 or more degrees outside of this range should be avoided for long term safety of the spider.


70%-80%, This can be achieved by keeping ½ of the enclosure moist but not soaked.


Young K brunnipes sold Josh’s Frogs are approximately ⅛” diagonal legspan. Adults will top out at 2”-2.5”


At least 2 months at time of sale. Females will live between 6 and 10 years usually, with males averaging 2-3 years.


At time of sale specimens are eating melanogaster fruit flies. Babies should be fed every 4-7 days, as they age into adults that should be spread to every 7-10 days. Prey should be the size of the spider’s carapace or smaller. Never attempt to feed a freshly molted tarantula less than a week after their molt to prevent injury to the spider.


Due to age, Kochiana brunnipes sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed. As they approach maturity, specimens may be sexed using a molt, due to the small nature of this spider molt sexing may require a magnifying glass. Females will have spermatheca and a uterus externus between the top set of book lungs that will catch and "flap" if a pin is run down the inside of the abdomen. Males will have a much more plain slit that does not budge with attempts to manipulate it.


Babies are light colored little specks, slowly turning into their adult coloration as they molt and age. Adults are dark brown/black with a golden shiny patch on their abdomen and pinkish legs.

Social behavior:

Kochiana brunnipes are not social creatures; any attempts to cohabitate will likely result in cannibalism.


Spiders for breeding purposes should remain supervised when together and should only be attempted well fed. Mature males can be put in the enclosure of a mature female for courtship/mating. Remove male promptly after insertion is observed, or immediately if female is aggressive rather than receptive. This is best done around a month after the female molts, as a freshly molted female is less likely to molt out of a pairing.

Natural Range:

Kochiana brunnipes are found in Brazil.

Links of Interest:

  • Arachnoboards: a community of spider enthusiasts that will be able to or have already answered almost any question you can think of with regards to tarantulas.


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