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Bearded Dragons make great pet lizards. These large agamids are personable and easy to care for. Fortunately, feeding bearde dragons is very straightforward, too. Bearded Dragons will prey on a variety of feeder insects, such as crickets, black soldier fly larvae, and mealworms. Make sure to check out our Bearded Dragon Feeder Bundle to ensure your pet bearded dragon has the best diet possible. In addition to feeder insects, make sure to offer fresh veggies, such as dark leafy greens, yellow squash, and zucchini several times a week.

All feeder insects should be dusted with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement. We recommend dusting twice with Rep-Cal Calcium with D3, then once with Rep-Cal Herptivite, then repeating. For example, if you feed every day, dust Monday and Tuesday with Calcium with D3, then Wednesday with Herptivite, then Thursday and Friday with Calcium with D3, then Saturday with Herptivite, etc. All veggies should be lightly dusted with Repashy SuperVeggie.

The Bearded Dragon Supplement Bundle contains:

1. Rep-Cal Calcium with D3

Rep-Cal Phosphorus-Free Calcium with Vitamin D3 Ultrafine powder is a staple in all of our captive bred animal diets. It is scientifically formulated from 100% natural oyster shell phosphorus-free calcium carbonate with added Vitamin D3 for normal absorption of calcium. The ultrafine grind allows an even coating on feeder insects, fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Rep-Cal packages their supplements in durable airtight containers for easy storage and use.

2. Rep-Cal Herptivite

Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin is a staple in all of our captive bred animal diets. It's formulation contains natural source ingredients with a base of sea vegetation, which is rich in essential trace elements and minerals. Herptivite contains proper levels of vitamins and minerals combine in perfect balance for many aspects of your reptile's bodily functions. It uses Beta Carotene rather than Vitamin A so there is no threat of Vitamin A toxicity. Beta Carotene is an anti-oxidant that is converted to Vitamin A after consumed. It's powder form allows for evenly coating on insects and foods and easy mixing. Rep-Cal packages their supplements in durable airtight containers for easy storage and use.

3. Repashy SuperVeggie (3 oz Jar)

Our “All-In-One” Vegetable Supplement provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals for Herbivores such as Tortoises, Iguanas, Uromastyx, as well as Omnivores such as Bearded Dragons (when feeding greens). Featuring both Retinol and Carotenoids 
as sources of Vitamin A.


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