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Make an awesome vivarium waterfall and background for your poison dart frogs, chameleons, or other vivarium inhabitants with the Josh's Frogs Vivarium Waterfall Background Kit. This kit is designed for 10g, 12x12x12, 12x12x18, or similarly sized enclosures.

Make sure to check out our Josh's Frogs How-To Guide on making a vivarium background, called 'Don't Back Down from the Background'.

You'll need to pick out the specific pieces of cork flatcork tube, or manzanita wood for your background—the wood is not included in the kit!

The Josh's Frogs Vivarium Waterfall Background Kit includes:

1. Josh's Frogs Vivarium & Pond Build Foam Sealant - Black (12 oz.) - 1 can

This foam sealant is great for waterfall construction! It expands between voids in rocks, net cups for plants, and other décor ensuring there are no gaps and directing water to your desired path. It can also be used for other structures in your tank to further define your water feature!

2. Vivarium Safe Silicone (10.2 oz.) - 1 tube

Josh's Frogs Vivarium Safe Silicone should be applied with a caulk gun, which is available at any home improvement store. Make sure to use gloves while applying silicone!

3. Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle (10 qt.)

Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle is finely ground coconut fiber, and perfect for covering wet silicone on a vivarium background. Make sure to apply the Coco Cradle to the silicone within a couple minutes of the silicone being stuck onto the background. The Coco Cradle must be dry in order to stick to the silicone.

4. Net Cups x 3

These great net cups from Josh's Frogs are perfect for holding plants in the background, such as bromeliads, ferns, and more! Make sure to fill them with ABG mix or a well draining vivarium soil, and be careful not to overwater them! 

5. Submersible Pump

Submersible Pumps are driven by a high powered magnetic rotor and oil-free motor which works great for small hydroponic systems, aquariums and fountains. The bottom draw feature allows you to lower your reservoir tank to a minimum by drawing the water from the bottom instead of the side. The pumps have a built-in flow regulator allowing full adjustability of your water movement. One moving part allows for trouble-free quiet operation.

6. Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing 1/2" ID (2 feet)

This rigid, reinforced tubing is perfect for use foamed into place in the background of a vivarium. Unlike other vinyl tubing, Josh's Frogs Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing will not kink or collapse when the spray foam expands. Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing is easy to use, colored black so it won't stand out, and sold by the foot, and has an internal diameter of 1/2".

7. Universal Rocks Collection

Universal Rocks are amazing rock replicas that are light weight, great in any environment, and give you the look of rock without the weight! These are 3 sided (open on the back) and hollow, and can be foamed into place in the vivarium background, or even turned into planters or drilled to help hide vivarium waterfall tubing!

8. Josh's Frogs Pond Wall Substrate Stop

Josh's Frogs Pond Wall Substrate Stop is a novel way to make water feature and pond creation in vivaria easy! Josh's Frogs Pond Wall Substrate Stop measures 18" x 4.5", and is easily bent to your will. Josh's Frogs Pond Wall Substrate Stop acts as a dam, holding substrate back and allowing water from the false bottom layer of your terrarium to freely flow through it. Use the Pond Wall around the base of your waterfall, to keep any water from dampening your substrate.

Still have questions? Check out our video on custom terrarium builds! Paludarium Build with Custom Background, Waterfall, and Live Plants


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