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Zoo Med NatureSun 2.0 T8 Fluorescent Bulb (24", 17 Watt)

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Formerly known as the ReptiSun® 2.0
Zoo Med's NatureSun® is a Full Color Spectrum daylight fluorescent lamp with a CRI of 98 that will bring out the true colors of your reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, and birds while promoting terrarium plant growth.

Additional Information:

NatureSun® provides beneficial UVA which stimulates feeding, breeding and other natural behaviors.
  • Provides light that is similar to Natural Daylight. C.R.I. (Color Rendering Index) of 98. Color Temperature: 6500K (Kelvin) for maximum viewing pleasure of your animals. 24" bulb, 17 Watts

High quality bulbs made in Germany.

  • The NatureSun® was previously known as the ReptiSun® 2.0 (ES-15)


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Great for my Pacman frog!

After my Pacman frog got sick, my vet suggested a low UVB bulb. It makes my tank look great, and I'm sure my pacman frog loves it!

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