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Zilla Heat & UVB Basking Fixture

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About This Product

Heat & UVB Basking Fixture

Delivering the right combination of heat and UVB is essential to the development of healthy reptiles. Zilla Mini Halogen bulbs are compact and an excellent heat source while UV bulbs provide ultraviolet energy that pets need for proper bone development and healthy metabolism.

  • Provides a concentrated basking spot area
  • Overlaps heat and UVB, delivering essential sources of energy for healthy reptile development
  • Simulates the effects of a mercury vapor lamp while using less energy
  • Great for desert or tropical reptile environments

Lamps sold separately. This fixture has a standard compact fluorescent UVB bulb socket. Not intended for use with incandescent, spot lamp, or any other bulb.

For use over metal screen covered terrariums only. DO NOT place directly over any plastic surface.


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