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Tad-Pool Breeding Cup - Medium Green

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About This Product

The solution for dart frog breeding is here!

Tad-Pools are dedicated egg/tadpole deposition sites for Oophaga, Ranitomeya, Dendrobates, Epipedobates, Phyllobates and other small tropical frogs. Their design mimics the form and colors of bromeliad leaves, enhancing the frogs' natural breeding behavior.

Tad-Pools are injection molded with a high-quality, food grade material. This means that there is no risk of toxic chemical exchanges with the frogs, eggs, or tadpoles and a perfectly smooth surface finish, which invites the frogs to lay inside.

Tad-Pools help you to better manage your clutches/tadpoles, while having frog-safe and discreet deposition sites that blend in perfectly with your terrarium décor and keep your plants intact! The easy-to-remove trays slide right out so you can swap them when collecting or cleaning.

They are also perfect as food or water cups for some arboreal reptiles, or as egg laying and basking sites for small Phelsuma or mourning geckos up high in the terrarium.

Tad-Pools have 3 attachment options for your convenience, so you can place them anywhere in your terrarium!

  1. Stuck on the background (using the provided hard wire attachment)
  2. Suctioned to the glass (with the provided suction cup)
  3. Attached to a branch or other décor in your hardscape (using fishing line or other terrarium-safe material - not included)

Egg Deposition

  • Small arboreal geckos like Lygodactylus, Lepidodactylus and Phelsumas can use them as breeding spots too for hiding their eggs.


  • Perfect for providing a basking spot (if placed high enough in the terrarium) and a hide at the same time!

Feeding & Drinking

  • Add some food or water in the reservoir and critters will happily come to eat or drink, helped by the leaf shape. Swapping drawers helps with cleaning when done!

Your Tad-Pool will include:

  • 1 Tad-Pool collection cup
  • 2 removable collection trays
  • 1 suction cup
  • 1 hard wire attachment


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