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T-Rex Aquavine Baby (6 Feet)

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T-Rex's Aquavine Baby (6 Feet) is a durable, waterproof artificial vine that perfectly mimics a small natural vine! Ideal for humid vivariums, aquariums, and paludariums, Aquavine Baby (6 Feet) is completely resistant to rot and perfectly safe to use underwater or in excessively damp or humid conditions. Provide climbing structure, mounting surface for live terrarium or aquarium plants, and amazingly natural visuall appeal with T-Rex's Aquavine Baby (6 Feet)!


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Nice product but be sure to check on it jic

I got two of these for a crested gecko vivarium and I've had them for about 6 months. One is still in use and doesn't seem to show any signs of breaking down or that it's molding. The other I did end up tossing after finding some mold on it. I didn't want to chance anything since I just had to redo the vivarium due to an issue that cropped up. All together I still think this is a nice investment and that if I hadnt had the issue I did both would still be in the enclosure. I will definitely get another when the time comes that it needs replacing.

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