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Nature Connection Kit: Kokedama Kit

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About This Product

Bring nature to your doorstep and embrace your creative side with

Josh’s Frogs Nature Connection Kits. 

Each kit includes everything you need to complete a stunning craft that also

captures the beauty of the natural world. 

Kokedama Kit

The name “Kokedama” means “Moss Ball” and is a planting method that uses elements of traditional Japanese Bonsai gardening. Plant rootballs are bound into a spherical shape with specialized soil, moss, and hemp rope.

This kit includes everything you need to craft an elegant kokedama to display anywhere.

Included in this kit: 

  • 1 - tropical or vining plant (2.5 inch pot)
  • 1 - Josh's Frogs Chilean Sphagnum Moss
  • 1 - kokadama soil
  • 1 - wrapped twine (2 x 3 foot strings)
  • 1 - eco-friendly biodegradable rice hull saucer (3 & 1/2 inch)

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