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Nature Connection Kit: Seashell Tilly Planter


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About This Product

Bring nature to your doorstep and embrace your creative side with

Josh’s Frogs Nature Connection Kits!


Each kit includes everything you need to complete a stunning craft that also

captures the beauty of the natural world. 

Seashell Tilly Planter Kit

Bring the beauty of land and sea home by making this one-of-a-kind seashell planter.

This kit includes air plants, tillandsias, that have made their way into the homes and hearts of many hobbyists and casual gardeners.

These fascinating plants do not require soil to grow, instead, they can be found growing in the nooks of tropical trees.

This kit includes everything you need to craft a nautical seashell tilly planter.


Included in this kit: 

  • 3 - assorted seashells
  • 3 - 2-3 inch Tillandsias
  • 1 - Reindeer Moss
  • 1 - spray bottle
  • 1- 5.9 inch clay saucer

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