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Assorted Baby Hermit Crab Shells (6 pack)


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About This Product

Hermit Crabs require at least 3-5 extra shells for them to change and grow into. The offering of shells should be a collection of those of the same size the hermit crab is currently using and also a few sizes larger.

Josh's Frogs only ships shells without holes or other damage that would make them unusable. Our shells are all-natural, no paint or clear coating, for the safety of the animal.

This selection of shells includes:

  • ¼” opening: Periwinkle
  • ½” or smaller opening: Nassa
  • ¼” - ¾” opening: Nutmeg
  • ⅜”+: Chestnut
  • ½” - ¾”: Rock Shell, Babylon or Candy Cane
  • ½” - ¾”: Green Turbo

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