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Josh's Frogs Hermit Crab Salt (Makes 8 gallons of Salt Water)


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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Hermit Crab Salt (8 gallons) is a great way to provide saltwater to your pet hermit crabs. It contains all the salt, trace elements, and minerals your pet hermit crabs would acquire from natural salt water. This bag contains 4 cups of salt mix - enough to make 8 gallons of quality salt water for your pet hermit crabs.
How to Use: Mix 1/2 cup Hermit Crab Salt with 1 gallon reverse osmosis or distilled water, and shake until the salt completely dissolves. Add to a dish in your crab's tank. Shake before use.
Warnings/Caution: Do not allow the salt mix to get wet - keep this package sealed, especially in humid conditions. Salt may irritate eyes or mucus membranes - in case of irritation, flush affected area with water. Not for human consumption.


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