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Hermit Crabs are scavengers. Their food bowl should never be empty and should have a variety of either fresh or dried fruits, vegetables and protein.

Nutritional needs are as follows:

  • 45% terrestrial and aquatic leaf litter from hardwood trees, seaweeds, and veggie leaves
  • 25% fruits, seeds, nuts
  • 25% small inverts and animal protein
  • 5% other

Fluker's Calcium Supplement with Honey Powder for Hermit Crabs (2 oz)

Calcium should be available at all times. Fluker's Calcium Supplement for Hermit Crabs supports healthy growth and exoskeleton formation. It is an excellent source of calcium for your crab's exoskeleton. Contains calcium carbonate and honey powder.

Zilla Reptile Munchies Vegetable Mix - Trial Size (0.7 oz, 19.8 g)

Contains: Sun Dried Bok Choy, Sun Dried Carrots, Freeze Dried Zucchini, Freeze Dried Green Beans, Freeze Dried Peas

Josh's Frogs Hermit Crab Supplement (4.5oz)

This supplement contains a variety of minerals that support hermit crabs' health and exo-skeleton development. It is a favorite grazing food, especially for newly purchased crabs. 
Please keep in mind, this does not replace their main diet, it is an addition. 
  How to use: Fill a shallow dish with this supplement separate from other food. Leave in the tank for up to a week, or when there are more hermit crab droppings than supplement. 

Indian Almond Leaves (5 pack)

Hermit crabs love eating leaf litter and it should be a large part of thier diet. These leaves are easy for them to rip.

Fluker's Hermit Crab Interactive Powder Treat - Strawberry (.7oz)

This fruit powder doesn't need to be rehydrated to be fed. Even comes with a handy scoop! It is a sweet treat with coconut milk powder, honey powder, blueberry powder.

Aqueon Dehydrated Bloodworm Treats for Bettas (0.175oz)

...But not just for bettas! Bloodworms are a lightweight, easy source of protein for hermit crabs, as well.

Zilla Reptile Munchies River Shrimp (0.35 oz, 9.9 g)

Shrimp are another reliable source of protein.


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