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Amazon Milk Frogs (Captive Bred)

Amazon Milk Frogs

Scientific Name: Trachyephalus Resinifictrix AKA: Phyrnohyas Resinifictrix

Common Name: Amazon Milk Frog

Distribution: Amazon Basin

Size: 3” – 3 ½”

Trade Availability: Scarce, Captive Bred/Born

Natural Habitat:

Tree dweller often found on the bark of trees


A 29 gallon aquarium or 18x18x24 terrarium is suitable for 2 - 3 adults. A large enclosure is required because of their size.

The bottom of the terrarium should be covered with Peat Sphagnum (1/4 inch).

Shallow dish of water (distilled water is recommended)

Plant consisting of Pothos, Ficus and Philodendron.

It seems they enjoy branches hanging over water


Daytime: no more than 82 degrees F

Nighttime: 68 – 70 degrees F


Suggestion for the cover/lid is screen top covering 80% with Saran Wrap, glass or



2% UVB is required for froglets 2 months & older, no more than 3% UVB.

**UV rays help eliminate excess bacteria growth (not saying bacteria will not grow in the tank, but it will help lower it)

UVB is essential for frog’s growth.


Small froglets can be offered 1/8” crickets

As juveniles – 1/4” crickets -  Try house flies for an entertaining treat!

Adults can be upgraded to 1/2” – 5/8” crickets

**adults may be offered small roaches (if you want), they should equal the same size as the cricket.

Dust all food with Rep-Cal Herptivite & Rep-Cal Calcium w/Vitamin 3

***3 parts Herptivite to 1 part Calcium***


They are not exceptionally difficult to breed, but can be difficult to breed consistantly. Seasonal cycling, coupled with a large water volume and heavy feeding, can encourage breeding. Each female will lay between 300-1000 eggs, which quickly develop into voracious tadpoles that eat A LOT! After about 2 months in the water, the tadpole morph into dime to penny size froglets, which are initially gray in color.

Links of Interest: 

Amphibian Care – Good Amazon Milk Frog Caresheet by Devin Edmonds, a very accomplished frog hobbyist and researcher