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Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate (10 lb bag)


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About This Product

Excavator® Clay Burrowing Substrate

Check out Zoo Med's Excavator® Clay Burrowing Substrate! A clay substrate that can be formed to your liking, while still allowing reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature. Watch your reptiles perform natural digging behaviors; mold and create multi-level terraces and burrows in your reptiles terrarium. Excavator® holds its shape so burrows and tunnels won't collapse. All Natural! No added dyes, colors, or chemicals.

Take a look at Zoo Med's Recommended Substrate Chart!

Excavator® Burrowing Clay Substrate - Instructional Video
Zoo Med's Excavator® lets you get creative in building your pet's habitat! Check out this video to see how to set it up.


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