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Phase 22 Flexible Pouch

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About This Product

Phase 22 is an amazing product for safely shipping animals. Our Phase 22 Flexible Pouch allows you to incorporate phase change material into a smaller shipping box, as the pouch can more easily be shoved into place.

Phase 22 changes states (from liquid to solid, or solid to liquid) at 72F. This unique property helps reduce temperature changes in a box. Since Phase 22 material changes states at 72F, it will hold the internal temperatures in packages closer to 72F than without Phase 22. This allows us to safely ship animals in more extreme weather conditions. Phase 22 is completely reusable.

In warm weather: You'll want the phase 22 to be solid when shipped. Simply cool it down below 72F, and it'll turn solid and opaque. The Phase 22 should be placed between the gel and ice packs.
In cold weather: You'll want the phase 22 to be liquid when shipped. Soak the phase 22 in warm water, and it will turn liquid (and clear). Place the phase 22 between the warm gel and heat pack. Panel is 5" X 5" X 1"
To see the results of these panels used in shipping,  click here
Here are some examples of how to use them: 


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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