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Mounted Suction Feeding Cup for Geckos (2 oz Cup) SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

About This Product

These 2-ounce feeding cups are mounted with a suction cup, allowing you to place elevated feeding cups within your enclosure. Mounted feeding cups are great for arboreal lizards. In the wild, these lizards eat in the safety of the trees and rarely venture to the ground for food, and mounted feeding cups simulate this by allowing your arboreal lizards to reach their food from higher up, whether it’s gecko fruit mix or a variety of feeder bugs. Having feeding cups easily accessible on your enclosure wall also makes it easier for you to quickly place or remove food in the enclosure with little disruption to your lizard and its habitat.

We suggest using 2-ounce feeding cups (sold separately) as inlays by simply placing the feeding cup inside the mounted cup, which can be easily removed for cleanup or replacement.


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