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HomeMarineland Ammonia Reducing Resin for Freshwater Aquariums (8 oz)

Marineland Ammonia Reducing Resin for Freshwater Aquariums (8 oz)


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About This Product

Marineland Ammonia Reducing Resin works in most freshwater aquarium filters to reduce ammonia and nitrites and boost chemical filtration. This resin adsorbs ammonia faster than zeolite. Place MarineLand ammonia reducing resin into your nylon mesh bag, test ammonia with an aquarium test strip, and calculate the number of tablespoons of resin needed. Remove and/or replace when color changes – the blue resin changes color to amber when depleted.

Clean, sparkling water is the mark of a healthy, thriving aquarium. The amount of filtration needed to maintain an aquarium depends on a number of variables. These include tank size, individual maintenance habits and fish population. Whatever your individual needs, MarineLand brand has the filtration products you need to deliver on-target, advanced filtration.

  • Chemical filtration: reduces ammonia and nitrite in freshwater aquariums.
  • Suitable for use in most Aquarium filters.
  • Replace as needed: Blue resin changes Color to amber when depleted.
  • For freshwater: resin adsorbs ammonia faster than zeolite.


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