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Josh's Frogs Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae (35g)

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About This Product

Canned black soldier fly larvae have all of the benefits of live bsfl - high calcium content, low fat content, and plenty of protein - without the hassle that comes with live feeders. These freshly-preserved black soldier fly larvae are just as delicious and nutritious as live ones! They're a great feeder option for herps that will bowl feed, such as leopard geckos, anoles, and many others.

BSFL have a 3:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, which effectively improves nutrient absorption in your pet. They're also an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids, which your pets need to stay healthy. The calcium content in black soldier fly larvae is a whopping 80 times higher than that found in mealworms, making these a phenomenal staple feeder option for pets needing extra calcium in their diet.

We recommend keeping a can or 2 on hand as a back up food source - accidents happen, and nobody wants their pets to go hungry due to extreme weather affecting feeder insect shipping or a busy schedule.

Feeding instructions: Feed via tongs or offer in a bowl. Offer the same amount you would feed if you were feeding out live insects. Dispose of any uneaten insects after 24 hours.

Storage/Shelf Life: Cans have a shelf life of up to 3 years unopened, and come with a plastic lid for resealing after the pop-top has been opened. Opened cans should be stored in the fridge and used within one week after opening.

Per standard process, distilled water is added to the can prior to cooking so the insects don't get baked. It's normal for some water to still remain in the can upon opening.


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My gecko literally licked his bowl clean!

I've been keeping herps for a long time now, and helping them thrive absolutely gives me life. However, it's hard for them to thrive if I can't properly care for the bugs they eat... and keeping the bugs alive has never been my strongsuit. I know I've wasted countless dollars by accidentally letting my feeders die, or leaving them long enough to turn into flies/moths/beetles. These canned BSFL immediately changed everything! On top of being a great food source for my variety of animals, I was shocked to discover that they're NOT STINKY. Canned insects have always felt gross because they smell so bad but these don't smell, they come with a reusable lid, and my animals love them. My old leopard gecko literally licked his bowl clean the other day and he's already putting on weight, which has recently been an issue for him. Anyway, highly recommend! Great job, JF team!

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