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Josh's Frogs Aquarium Salt (2 lb.)

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About This Product

Aquarium salt is especially effective against fungus, bacteria, and external parasites and works by dehydrating these tiny organisms through osmosis. Aquarium salt is used for the treatment of common fish diseases, but is useful for other purposes as well. It can reduce stress on fish, promote their natural slime coat, heal wounds, and inhibit the uptake of nitrites.

Use aquarium salt

  • as a preventative for newly purchased fish
  • with water changes during treatment of ill fish
  • or on an as needed basis

To treat, add 1 tbsp. of salt to every 5 gallons of aquarium water; repeat treatment after each water change. In severe cases, you may use up to 3 TBS for 5 gallons of water. Do not use on scaleless fish. For freshwater use.


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