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About This Product

This kit contains everything you need for up to 4 dart frog tadpoles - just add water. Please make sure to add an additional cup and lid for every tadpole over 4 purchased. Best of all, this kit can ship with your tadpole order. TADPOLES MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY.

 To learn how to use this kit to take care of your tadpoles, please read our blog.

 It includes:

1. Tadpole Cup (16 oz.) SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

These cups are great for raising tadpoles while saving space. Dart frog tadpoles are cannibalistic, and will try to eat each other. Use these 16oz tadpole cups to house each tadpole individually. We recommend making sure you have a gallon of spring water set aside at room temperature before your tadpoles arrive, then filling the cups 3/4 full.

2. Vented Tadpole Cup Lid SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

This is a semi-clear lid that fits the Josh's Frogs Tadpole Cups. Use the lid to reduce ventilation and keep your tadpoles from jumping out! We recommend using the lid at all times, although it's most important when your tadpoles have 4 legs and are preparing to leave the water.

3. Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner (4 oz.) SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

2 drops of dechlorinator will make tap water safe to use with your tadpoles. We recommend using this to treat tap water after you use up the initial gallon of spring water. Keep the empty jug to fill up with tap water, add your dechlorinator, and allow the water to sit until it's room temperature.

4. Indian Almond Leaves (5 pack) SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

Indian Almond leaves are a great way to naturally condition water by adding tannins, which help keep your tadpoles healthy. The leaves also serve as an extra snack between meals. Cut a leaf into 1" squares, then add a square to the cup. When the leaf square has been mostly eaten, replace it. A full leaf can also be added to a gallon of water to lower the pH and add tannins.

5. Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food (2 oz.) SHIPS WITH ANIMALS

Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food is a tried and true dendrobatid tadpole diet at Josh's Frogs! This special formulation of animal and plant proteins, algae, natural color enhancers, omega fatty acids, and trace elements provides dart frog tadpoles with the nutrition they need to thrive!

Developed over the past decade for use in our own breeding programs, Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food is pelleted and ready to use. Just shake before feeding to ensure the powder component of the diet covers the pellets, and you're ready to go! Feed 1 pellet 1-3 times a week .

Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food will not cloud the water when used properly. If water clouds, or uneaten food is visible after 3 hours, remove uneaten food and perform a 30% water change.


After placing an order containing a live animal, you will receive a scheduling email containing our JotForm scheduling link to schedule your new pet's delivery date.

With this scheduling link, you will be able to schedule your order's delivery up to 30 days in advance. You will be able to choose a date of delivery for Tuesday-Saturday (Saturday arrival depends on the carrier's service availability) with the estimated time of arrival generally being 12pm, or 4:30pm for more rural areas. Overnight lows must be above 40°F to ship directly to you (or above 30°F for FedEx Ship Center pickups) as well as below 90°F by estimated time of arrival.

If you require further assistance, or prefer to talk to one of our Customer Service agents, please feel free to reach out to our [email protected] email or our phone line 1-800-691-8178.

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