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Bromeliad Bundle (5 pack)

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About This Product

In this bundle, you will receive a set of 5 ‘Growers Choice’ bromeliads. Below are some general care notes for broms. No specific species is guaranteed when choosing the plants for your bundle. Duplicate species may be present depending on the current stock and availability.

Defining Characteristics: 

  • Bromeliads are epiphytic plants, meaning they grow attached to the branches of forest trees. Your broms can be mounted to a cork background for an authentic tropical look. Check out our Bromeliad Mounting Tutorial!
  • Leaves grow from a central rosette to form a funnel that helps to store water and is great for rearing tadpoles
  • Leaves come in an array of marbled colors with the dominant colors being maroon and deep green

Temperature Requirement (°F): 50-90°

Humidity: Moderate (30-70%) - Humid (70-100%)

Watering Frequency: Moderate watering needs. Water in the center cup of the plant but replace it with new water weekly. 

Lighting: Partial Shade  

Soil Type: Use coarse well-draining soil such as Josh’s Frogs Bromeliad Soil

Growth Rate: Moderate - Slow

Height/Width at Maturity: 2-12 inches

Origin: South America 

Regional Locality: Epiphytic, found growing on tropical trees under the partial shade of the canopy 

USDA Hardiness Zone: 9-10

Suggested Vivarium/ Animal Terrarium Use: 

Care Notes: Leaves will be yellow if they are getting too much sun and deep green if not enough sun. 

 Shipping Notes: Generous LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE offered.

As good practice, Josh's Frogs recommends washing all plants thoroughly, removing as much soil as possible with dechlorinated water before placing them in their final home. Live plants may vary in color, size, and appearance.


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All 5 were unique in style and each one looked super healthy when arrived. Waiting for them to come back in stock to order another bundle.



Great for smaller vivs.



this bundle really makes a viv look awesome. you can always hand pick individual species or just let joshs frogs pick a bundle for you. either way, you cant go wrong.


Beautiful and healthy

Arrived healthy and in fantastic condition, carefully and expertly packaged. The current weather conditions were very hot, over 95 every day, and the plants were in great shape. The selection they sent was fantastic! I couldn’t be happier with the ones I received. One is even about to bloom a gorgeous purple flower!! They are small, as described, but very healthy! Extremely happy with my purchase, the quality, and with the experienced customer service! Will definitely be ordering again. Thanks!!

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