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Reed Frog Care Sheet

Reed Frog Defining Characteristics:

  • Brown coloration with black speckling
  • Shy
  • Moderate care
  • 1” size
  • Call: Fast successive clicks
  • Good in groups
  • Lays eggs above water on emergent structures


Heterixalus spp., Reed frog

Recommended Vivarium Size:

Minimum tank size of 12x12x18 front opening tank or 10 gallon aquarium, but larger groups will need more space. These frogs need a large water feature in their enclosure in order to breed, though a small water dish will suffice if that is not something that you want to pursue. Provide either live plants such as pothos or spathiphyllum or fake plants.




50-70 percent


Reed Frogs are about 1” in length as adults.


Reed Frogs can live up to 5 years in captivity, and may live longer with ideal care.


As adults, Reed Frogs can eat ¼“ crickets and other similar sized feeder insects.


Male Reed Frogs have yellowing on their throats. Females are more rotund.

Social Behavior:

Reed Frogs do well in groups; they may become aggressive when mating.


Male Reed frogs will emit a series of quick clicks to attract females for amplexus. The pair will lay eggs on emergent vegetation over temporary pools or in marshes.


Eggs hatch over the course of about 5 days and fall into the water.


Tadpoles will readily eat Josh’s Frogs Tree frog tadpole food as well as many varieties of fish food. Water changes should be performed every couple of days at about 50%.

Starry Night Reed Frog

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