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Visibility / Boldness






Very Shy – Very Bold

Moderate - Loud

Cost - Reed frogs have a moderate initial startup cost, and are generally relatively inexpensive pets.

Maintenance - Reed frogs will need to be misted 1-2 times a day and should have their enclosure cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Since most reed frogs do well kept over water, frequent water changes may be inconvenient for some keepers.

Feeding - Reed Frogs, including the popular starry night reed frogs and blue back reed frogs, will consume live crickets that are easily available at virtually every pet store.

Handleability - While reed frogs should not be handled frequently, many species tolerate occasional, gentle handling. Don't plan on holding reed frogs, except when needed to clean their enclosure.

Visibility / Boldness - Reed frogs are nocturnal, and will spend most of the day inactive and sleeping on the glass or leaves in the terrarium. If you're a night owl, reed frogs might be the perfect pet frog for you! Reed frogs do display their bright colors when sleeping.

Noise - Many species of reed frogs can make noise. The intensity and loudness varies greatly depending on species, but plan on hearing your pet reed frogs calling at night - many species sound like dripping water or a creaking door.

To learn more about keeping reed frogs as pets, please visit our reed frog care sheets.

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