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False Bottom

Hydroton, False Bottom, and other Drainage Layer Materials are vital to the success of a tropical naturalistic vivarium. The Drainage Layer Materials are the ideal bottom layer of substrate for a living terrarium or vivarium. Josh's Frogs False Bottom is environmentally friendly, made entirely of recycled material, and light weight. Drainage Layer materials, such as Hydroton or False Bottom, retain moisture and provide a void at the bottom of your vivarium for excess water to go. Using Josh's Frogs False Bottom and other Drainage Layer Materials in a naturalistic vivarium foster a humid environment, healthy soil conditions, and superior plant growth. Don't let your substrates become saturated in water and grow smelly anaerobic bacteria that can harm your pets - use a quality Drainage Layer Material from Josh's Frogs today!

Not sure what other naturalistic vivarium substrates you need for setting up your vivarium? Check out our Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates section, and also please read 'Vivarium Substrate Overview', our comprehensive how-to guide on vivarium substrates.

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False Bottom