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Tree Frog Nutrition and Supplementation

Tree frogs are one diverse group of animals, and are very popular pet frogs. Fortunately, their nutritional needs are very similar, and many commonly available reptile and amphibian foods and supplements are well suited to keeping your pet tree frogs healthy.


First off, make sure you're feeding quality feeder insects, such as crickets. The majority of tree frog species out there will thrive on a diet largely of crickets, with ""treats"" provided occasionally in the form of phoenix worms, waxworms, blue bottle fly spikes or dubia roaches. Be careful to choose feeders that are an appropriate size for your tree frogs. As a general rule, make sure that the feeder insects are no longer than the distance between your pet's eyes. Try  house flies for an entertaining treat!Make sure your feeder insects are eating a quality diet - taking the time to properly ensure the feeder insects are gutloaded will go a long way towards providing a quality diet for your pet frogs. To make feeding your pet tree frogs easy, we've developed Tree Frog Feeder Bundles.

Now that your feeder insects are eating well, it's time to make sure they're properly dusted with a quality vitamin and mineral supplement before they're fed to your tree frogs. At Josh's Frogs, we rotate through 3 different supplements - Repashy Calcium Plus, RepCal Calcium with D3, and RepCal Herptivite. If you're looking to simply keep your pet frogs healthy (and not breed them), Repashy Calcium Plus is a great stand alone supplement. Make sure to dust feeder insects at least 3 times a week. We've put together a Tree Frog Supplement Bundle to make supplementation easy.Follow these simple steps to ensure a healthy diet for your tree frogs.

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