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THG Wire/Clip/Insulator Set


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About This Product

This wire/eyelet/insulator set includes a 6' power cord with the new THG eyelets installed and insulators (2 pcs). This set will make a power connection to one piece of heat tape.

Click Here for the THG Heat Tape Connection Tutorial

Please note! This set will only work with THG heat tape.

For installing this set we recommend the Crimping Pliers for a positive, strong electrical connection. You will need to purchase one of these sets for each connection you want us to make for you, if you need to have us make your connections please purchase individual THGHeat Wire/Clip/Insulator Set.

ink marks First- you will want to mark your heat tape ends. Make a small mark about 1/4″ in from the end on the center of each copper strip.
hole punching Next- Using a hole puncher (regular school model is fine) punch a hole centered on each of your marks.
split for connector Next- Carefully insert the flat eyelet in between the laminate layers. This sometimes takes a little patience!
half eyelet Next- Line up the eyelet with the hole and insert the taller half of the rivet through the hole.
rivet top Next- put the shorter half of the rivet on the protruding tall half
Squeeze Plyers Now you will need to smush the rivet completely.
This is best done with the crimping pliers designed for this. You know you have a good connection when you hold the heat tape at the connection and the eyelet can not pivot on the rivet.There should be no movement. If there is then you will need to crimp the rivet again.  Unlike the older style connectors, you CAN re-crimp if needed.  There are no “teeth” that can only crush one time.
eyelets and back of tape

Now you will need to sandwich the connection between the two pieces of heavy insulating tape provided.

Repeat this on both rivet connections and you are done!

Tape Tab and connector The finished tape insualtion can be trimmed with a scissor if needed.  Be sure you leave an ample covering of the connection.  We like to keep the edge of the tape even with edge of the heat tape.
insulate3 Do this on the top and bottom of both sides.
Insulate4 Fold electrical tape over the copper buss-bar on the non-connected end and you are done!


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