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Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter - 30 Gallons



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About This Product

Whisper® IQ filters use StayClean™ technology for easier maintenance and healthy fish. A sound barrier decouples motor from filter to give you the quiet you've always wanted. With better materials and impeller upgrades, these filters are made to last. It's time for a filter that's easy to use and easy to clean! 
Whisper® IQ technology gives you a filter that is does the job while staying quiet. The SoundShield provides a barrier between the motor and filter to minimize noise. Combine that with vibration dampening technology and these filters give you quiet power to keep your tank clean.

Whisper IQ 20, Whisper IQ 30, Whisper IQ 45 and Whisper IQ 60 use Whisper® Bio-Bag® Cartridges with Stay Clean™ Technology (Unassembled) Large Cartridge


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