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T-Rex Day Blue Heat Lamp (150 Watt)


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About This Product

Reptiles are essentially solar powered. They need heat from the sun and are often attracted to it by its bright light. Incandescent lights are a good source of brightly lit heat for captive reptiles. Reptiles also need ultraviolet light.

UVA: Invisible to humans but visible to reptiles, helps them view their world as it should be. Without it they do not behave or function as they should and may become ill.

UVB: Enables reptiles to produce their own vitamin D3, as in humans and other animals.

While T-Rex incandescent bulbs provide adequate amounts of UVA and heat for your reptiles, no incandescent bulb provides a sufficient amount of UVB. A dietary source or supplement should be used in conjunction with incandescent bulbs.

110 Volts


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