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MistKing Value ¼" Plug


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About This Product

The MistKing Value ¼" Plug can be used to plug any open 1/4" quick connect MistKing Fittings. The MistKing Value ¼" Plug is for use with a MistKing Automatic Misting System.

Click here to watch our video on setting-up the Mistking Misting System (2 parts).


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Plug it up!

Solid. Love Mist King products, and Josh's sells 'em cheap with lots of accessories to choose from!

Chef Daryl

Beats all the other systems, hands down 1

I have a MistKing system operating 7 terrariums and 1 vivarium. The system puts out a heavy fog that completely covers the entire area with only 1 or 2 heads. Using a large container I don't have to worry about running out of water. The MistKing is the best value for the money, Guaranteed.

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