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King Baboon Tarantula - Pelinobius muticus (Captive Bred)

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  • One of the largest African species, females can get up to an 8” diagonal legspan.
  • One of the easier to keep old worlds, they like nothing more than a container full of deep dirt and peace and quiet.
  • While their care requirements are pretty simple, due for the defensive nature of this spider we do not suggest them for beginning keepers.
  • One of the few species that can stridulate, making an audible buzzing sound to warn others to back off.

Name: Pelinobius muticus or the King Baboon Tarantula comes by its common name honestly, it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest tarantula in Africa! 

Recommended Enclosure Size: The Pelinobius muticus is a fossorial that likes to dig. The ideal enclosure size will provide at least 4x the spider’s diagonal leg span for surface area branching out in any direction, and be deep enough to accommodate a fair bit of substrate, at least 2” for spiderlings, and at least 8” for adults. Never provide more than twice your spider’s diagonal leg span as headspace above the surface of the substrate, as falls from greater than this height can be catastrophic.

Temperature: This species does like it on the warm side, though it will still thrive around a room temperature of 72 degrees fahrenheit, they do prefer it closer to 76-82 degrees fahrenheit.

Humidity: around 65%, they like their substrate bone dry, as a water source you can either provide a tattoo ink cup or small shallow bottle cap as a water dish, wet a small corner of substrate intermittently, or mist the sides of the enclosure twice a week so that the spider can drink the droplets.

Size: At the time of sale P. muticus sold by Josh’s Frogs are at least 1”. Females can achieve sizes of up to around a 8” diagonal leg span, males of this species mature smaller. 

Age: Pelinobius muticus sold by Josh’s Frogs are at least 2-3 months old. Females of this species can live 20-25 years, males topping out at 10-15 years.

Feeding: At the time of purchase Pelinobius muticus sold by Josh’s Frogs are eating hydei fruit flies. As they age and molt their feeder insects should too, with the prey item being the size of the spider’s carapace or smaller. Spiderlings should be fed every 4-7 days, adults every 7-10. Never offer food to a spider less than a week after its most recent molt.

Sexing: Due to age, P muticus spiderlings sold by Josh’s Frogs are sold as unsexed. Specimens of 2.5”-3” will be able to start being accurately sexed. The most accurate method will always be molt sexing. The molt of a female tarantula, between the top set of book lungs will have a slit with spermatheca and a uterus externus, which on a smaller spider will just be a flap that moves when manipulated with a toothpick or a pin. A male tarantula will have a much more plain slit that will not budge with attempts to manipulate it.

Color/Pattern: As spiderlings they are a mid brown color. As they age, their color turns from generic brown sling coloration to a rich rusty color.

Social Behavior: This species should be housed solitarily, any attempt at cohabitation will likely end with cannibalism.

Breeding: Males and females of sexual maturity can be put in the same enclosure briefly for the purpose of mating. Ideally both will be fairly freshly molted and well fed. The male and female should be separated fairly immediately after insertion is observed (the male will generally initiate separation on his own after he has had success) or if the spiders are acting less than receptive or aggressive towards each other.

Natural Range: Tanzania and Kenya in dry scrubland.

Links of Interest:

  • Arachnoboards: a community of spider enthusiasts that will be able to or have already answered almost any question you can think of with regards to tarantulas.

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