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Josh's Frogs Frog Foam Terrarium Liner (for use in 18x18 glass terrarium)


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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Frog Foam Terrarium Liner (18x18 glass terrarium) is the perfect substrate for many species of tree frogs, toads, and other amphibians. We've successfully housed Amazon Milk Frogs, Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads, Red Eye Tree Frogs, Bumble Bee Toads, Super Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frogs, mantellas, pacman frogs, and many other amphibians on this terrarium liner. Frog Foam is also great for quarantine tanks for dart frogs and other animals, before they are placed in a naturalistic vivarium. Frog Foam is 1" thick.

How It Works

Josh's Frogs Frog Foam Terrarium Liner is one solid piece of foam - no little pieces or loose fibers for your animals to get stuck on, or eat and become impacted! Frog Foam absorbs water and distributes it across its surface, resulting in a moist, humid environment. Simply pour water right into Frog Foam, and watch it get sucked up! Its blue color makes feeder insects stand out, resulting in a better feeding response from your pets. Josh's Frogs Frog Foam is also very soft, preventing injury or damage to delicate amphibian skin. Think of Josh's Frogs Frog Foam as a high quality memory foam mattress for your amphibians! The foam is easily cut with razor blade for a perfect fit (or to act as a "land section" for semi-aquatic animals), or to sink a water bowl or other fixture into the substrate.

  • absolutely zero risk of impaction
  • wicks and evenly distributes water
  • contributes to a humid environment
  • makes prey items more visible
  • soft and pliable
  • easily cut and modified

How To Clean

Frog Foam is easy to clean - simply spot clean when waste is visible. Remove Frog Foam from the habitat once a week, rinse out with water, spray to saturation or soak in Josh's Frogs ReptiSan, then rinse clean and replace in the enclosure. You may wish to purchase 2 Frog Foams, so that you can alternate between cleanings.

Sizes Available

Josh's Frogs Frog Foam is available in many different sizes, targeted at standard sized glass aquaria and terraria. The foam can easily be cut with a sharp razor blade for a perfect fit.

  • 10 gallon (10"x19.5")
  • 20 gallon high (12"x23.5")
  • 20L / 29 gallon (12"x30")
  • 40 breeder (2 pieces 17.75"x17.5")
  • 12x12 glass terrarium (11.375"x11.375")
  • 18x18 glass terrarium (17.5"x17.5")
  • 24x18 glass terrarium (17.5"x23")
  • 36x18 glass terrarium (2 pieces 17.375"x17.5")

Josh's Frogs Frog Foam should be changed every 6 months. Frog Foam will discolor slightly under UVB - this is harmless and does not affect the performance of the terrarium liner. Feeder Insects may chew on terrarium liner if food is not provided or too many feeder insects are placed in the enclosure. If this occurs, feed fewer feeder insects at each feeding.


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Mary Kay

stains easily, not economical

The product does work well to keep the humidity up, but it stains so easily that it is covered with brown spots after just a single feeding of crickets or flies. I wash it after a week, then flip it over to the clean side for another week. After that, it looks like garbage! The horrid yellow-brown stains make it look as if my cages aren't clean when in reality, I spot clean 2x to 3x per day. Additionally, it is hard to wring out the 18 x 18 pieces by hand. It is the most difficult to clean "washable" substrate I've ever used and not economical since I only get two weeks of use from a piece, that is, if I want my cages to LOOK clean. Too bad it isn't available in a dark green color that would hide the stains.


Great tank bottom

I love these. I like having a really soft place for my frogs to jump down on and it really keeps the humidity up. I also love that crickets can't hide in it (like with carpets or paper towels). I don't mind the staining and I own 2-3 at a time and replace them every 6 months or so. I leave them in the shower to dry for a period of time between uses so I don't find them difficult to clean.


Love this stuff

Yes - It stains. But that's the ONLY down side! wonderful for my Whites Tree Frogs. Really helps with humidity here in dry California. And pretty easy to clean. The frogs love it and so do I!


Great for geckos too!

I use this in all my White's tree frogs and Chahoua geckos tanks. It keeps the humidity good, doesn't encourage mold, and provides a soft landing. Also easy to clean. Love it.


no more eco earth mess!!

this is my first time ordering from josh’s frogs, and i’ve been wanting to try out this frog foam for my White’s tree frogs for some time. not only did the order arrive in two days flat, but the foam looks great in my White’s cage and i’m ecstatic over not having to deal with my frogs making a mess of eco earth all over themselves and in their water bowl anymore. plus, spot-cleaning will be 10x easier now. i had to cut the foam down a bit to fit it in my 18x18x24 enclosure, particularly because they have a fake cork background in there and it takes up some space. but this foam was very easy to cut with a regular pair of scissors. thank you for a wonderful product that will only make their care easier!!

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