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Bloem Ups-A-Daisy Tapered Planter Insert (14 inch)

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About This Product

Bloem® Ups-A-Daisy - Round | Orange - 14 inch Diameter

With these one-of-a-kind planter inserts, your potted plants and flowers are guaranteed to have healthier roots, produce bigger & more brilliant blooms, and grow faster than ever before!

This insert will slide snugly into most round, tapered planters to create a void at the bottom for excess water to drain. The space underneath the Ups-A-Daisy allows for better soil aeration, promoting a healthier plant and limiting the risk of root rot. It also reduces the amount of soil needed (by up to 50%!), which helps keep unnecessary weight out of the pot.

Most annual plants have a short root base requiring only 6"-8" of soil to thrive. If you give the roots too much room to roam, your plants may get long & leggy. But with less soil, the roots will be confined forcing nutrients back into your plants where they belong, producing healthier plants with bigger blooms while saving you time & money in the process!

Please measure your planter at the level you'd like the soil to begin - this is the diameter of the Ups-A-Daisy insert for you! If you'd prefer deeper soil, take your measurement deeper within the pot.


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