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Assorted Fern Wholesale Plant Bundle (36 Plants)

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About This Product

The Assorted Fern Wholesale Plant Bundle is perfect for smaller retail outlets looking to provide their customers with a great selection of safe and suitable plants for their vivariums.

The plants included in the bundle are in 2.5" x 2.25" pots with soil and wrapped in an attractive clear cellophane sleeve. Each plant also includes a label with the name of the plant. Just open the box, and they're ready to sell.

Bundles are intended to be sold as smaller kits, but plants can also be sold individually or bundled however the reseller chooses.

Included in This Wholesale Plant Bundle:

  • 9 total species (4 plants of each species)

Suggested Plant Bundle Breakdown: The Assorted Fern Wholesale Plant Bundle is intended to be broken down into 12 smaller vivarium plant kits suitable for various tropical animals housed in a 20+ gallon vivarium. Each individual kit should contain 3 different species of ferns.

Wholesale Price: $19.99/kit | $4.99/plant

Recommended Resale Price: $35.99 - $43.99/kit or $8.99 - $10.99/plant

How To Care For Plant Bundle:

Ferns: Water the plants from the bottom when the soil is dry to the touch, making sure not to allow plants to sit in the water longer than 1 hour. Drain any excess water. Use only reverse osmosis, distilled or pure water. Never use tap water. Keep plants out of direct sunlight.

Plant Kit Description (**FOR RETAILER USE**)

Planting your vivarium with ferns is visually appealing and a great way to simulate a natural environment for your pet. We’ve selected a handful of plants for this kit that are considered basic, easy-to-care-for plants that should thrive in your vivarium. You will receive three plants sized for a 20+ gallon vivarium.

Included in this plant kit:

  • (4) Ferns

As good practice, it is recommended to wash all plants thoroughly, removing as much soil as possible with dechlorinated water before placing them in their final home. Live plants may vary in color, size, and appearance.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

Import/export restrictions on this product require that it can only be shipped to destinations within the United States.

Restrictions on this product that prohibit shipping to the following states: HI.

Live Arrival Guarantee

This product is covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee. If your insect/animal does not arrive in good health, we'll make it right, provided the following criteria are met:

  • If shipped Two Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -20 and 120 °F.
  • If shipped Next Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -40 and 120 °F.
  • If shipped Ground, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between 20 and 85 °F.

You'll be notified during the checkout process if your purchase qualifies for our guarantee.

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