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About This Product

We know that having a custom vivarium takes originality. That's why we offer individually listed products. What you see in the photos here is the actual piece you get! Customize with unique one of a kind pieces of natural decor!

Manzanita is a very hard, durable wood from the arid regions of the western part of the United States. Our manzanita is legally and sustainably collected from private lands in California, then sand blasted for cleanliness. Manzanita holds up very well in almost any environment, from an arid desert terrarium, to a humid rainforest vivarium, to even an aquarium! Once placed in a humid environment, manzanita quickly darkens to a dark brown color, fitting right in with a naturalistic vivarium. Manzanita from Josh's Frogs is perfect for providing a hardscape in your tank!

Manzanita Branches from Josh's Frogs are more slender than Manzanita Logs. Perfect for mounting epiphytes, mosses, and other plants, manzanita branches can easily be used to replicate the upper reaches of a tree, or roots. Manzanita Branches from Josh's Frogs are a long lasting, safe choice of terrarium/vivarium wood.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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