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Looking to up the ante on your bioactive setup, or add microfauna and beneficial fungi to help keep things cleaner? Josh's Frogs Bioactive Bundle is designed to do just that! You'll need to have a substrate suitable to hosting tank janitors and functioning as in a bioactive system. If you don't, check out BioBedding Tropical for tropical, non-burrowing species.

The Josh's Frogs Bioactive Bundle includes:


1. Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (25 count)

This 4 oz container will contain at least 25 healthy Dwarf Tropical White Isopods, ready to be added to your enclosure. Just dump the entire contents of the container directly into your tank's substrate. Isopods will quickly burrow and get to work eating waste and making more of themselves. They may be a bit slower to reproduce than other microfauna, but they do a great job aerating the substrate, and generally will not overpopulate the tank.

2. Temperate Springtails (32 oz)

Temperate springtails have long been the go to microfauna or clean up crew for vivaria and bioactive setups. Inexpensive and quick to culture, these small critters will quickly multiply in the tank and make short work of any waste. Springtails float - simply add some dechlorinated water and pour it into your enclosure, or dump everything in and mix it into the substrate.

3. Bioactive Booster

Bioactive Booster is a safe, effective way to give your bioactive setup a boost! Bioactive Booster contains beneficial fungi and trace elements that will help plants establish and grow faster. Bioactive booster will help microfauna populations establish and grow faster. Josh's Frogs Bioactive Booster will accelerate the cycling process in your bioactive environment.
How to Use: Simply sprinkle Josh's Frogs Bioactive Booster on the surface of your substrate, then turn the substrate to mix Bioactive Booster throughout. In existing setups, bioactive booster can be lightly sprinkled on the surface of the substrate, then sprayed with water until it is no longer visible. Apply one shake per square foot of substrate.

4. Clean Up Crew Cuisine

CUC Cuisine is the best way to keep microfauna populations booming in your bioactive enclosure! CUC Cuisine contains many trace minerals that are lacking in traditional vivaria substrates in an easy to apply pellet form.

How to Use: To use CUC Cuisine as a feeding station, simply place a pellet on the surface of your substrate. CUC Cuisine will absorb water and mold a bit, attracting springtails, isopods, and fruit flies. This makes it easy to observe your frogs feeding. CUC Cuisine can also be buried under the substrate where it will serve as a nutrient rich food source to keep microfauna numbers high and your bioactive setup clean.


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Doing great!

Wasn't sure if there were any alive when I received, I could only find a few and they were all dead. I let the jar sit for a few hours and came back to hundreds of them crawling around. They are doing great in my terrarium and are very lively!



Arrived in a timely manner and were moving around in their containers.


Just what i needed

Setting up a bioactive terrarium and this helped jump start the cycle.


Culture I started 2 years ago is still going strong!

This was perfect for everything you need to start a bioactive CUC culture

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