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South American Bird Poop Frog Care Sheet

Defining Characteristics

  • Beginner
  • Light to dark grey mottling with bright yellow on the underbelly and legs
  • Somewhat shy
  • 1.5”-2” long
  • Low-short trill
  • Good in groups
  • Egg deposition on the water’s surface


Dendropsophus marmaratus. South American Bird Poop Frog or Marbled Tree frog.

Recommended Vivarium Size

Adult Bird Poop tree frogs should be kept in at least an 18x18x18 front opening tank or 20-gallon enclosure but would appreciate more vertical space. Newly morphed froglets can be kept temporarily in 12x12x18 front opening tanks or a 10 gallon. Vivariums should be heavily planted with plants with leaves for perching and hiding in. Branches or cork should also be supplied to increase overall climbing surfaces for the frogs. A clean dish of clean water should also be provided for the frogs to soak in.


Between 72° and 78° degrees.




Bird Poop frogs are sexually dimorphic where the females are larger than the males. Males hover around the 1.5” range and Females can reach almost 2”.


The Bird Poop frogs can live for 5-8 years, but may live longer in captivity with ideal care.


Bird Poop frogs can be fed crickets of varying sizes their whole lives up to ½” for adults.


Females are visually more rotund than males.


Bird Poop frogs are a marbled light to dark grey, occasionally being brown. Their bellies are mostly light grey to white with black spots and yellow or orange near their vents and legs. These frogs use their unique coloration to mimic bird poop, allowing for better camouflage from predators.

Social Behavior

Several Bird Poop frogs will compete for mates but will live fairly peacefully with other Bird Poop frogs.


Male Bird Poop frogs will call to attract females during the rainy season. After amplexus, females will deposit eggs on the surface of the water.


Eggs develop into tadpoles over the course of 5-10 days. Tadpoles can take anywhere between 2-4 months to develop into froglets.


Tadpoles should be kept in an aquarium with tannin-rich water that has been cycled. Tadpoles will readily eat a variety of fish food and Josh’s Frogs Tree Frog tadpole food. Sponge filters should be placed in the tank and no more than 50% of the water replaced during water changes.

Natural Range

This species occurs in southern Venezuela, the Guianas, and the Amazon basin in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. IUCN Red List of Threatened species. ( ). [button-green url="" target="_blank" position="center"]South American Bird Poop Frogs[/button-green]