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Rice Flour Beetles

Rice Flour Beetles are an old standby when it comes to small feeder insects. Not all animals will eat the adult beetles, but the larvae are a great source of vital nutrients and calories. At Josh's Frogs, we not only sell Rice Flour Beetles, but all the supplies you need to culture your own, at a guaranteed low price!

Not sure if Rice Flour Beetles are for you? Check out Josh's Frogs great care articles on Rice Flour Beetles' Life Cycle, How to Culture Rice Flour Beetles, and How to Feed Rice Flour Beetles to your Reptiles, Amphibians, and other Pets. Remember, we not only have what you and your pets need, but we have the knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled customer support on everything we sell!

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Don't forget - all feeder insects should be dusted with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement to provide your reptiles and amphibians with maximum nutrition vital to their health. Josh's Frogs carries a wide assortment of vitamin and mineral supplements perfect for your pet.


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Rice Flour Beetles